Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dead ads.

This was something I made for Second Nature Mag, but I don't think it's gonna come out.

I heard a rumor of a new zine thing out of this area so I sent it to them. I think they had a blank page or something.

Gonna post it here because I think it's a rad pic that Ken Forsyth took of Eli. Just a 5 on a little mini somewhere, wherever Eli roams. But the arms are sick. The body angle and that front foot push. Sweat stains, a beanie and worn out wheels. Eli's a rad, minimalist type human and skater. Put him out there and he's gonna be into it. I loved photos like these as a kid. The kind I could study and come up with an idea of how that dude is.
  This one is pretty spot on for Eli.


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