Thursday, March 24, 2016

ah gahd, these songs again?....

Crude and rough.
Good analogy for the times in 1996, atleast in the South. Athens was hitting heavy and Atlanta was brand new. The streets were open and skating in the sense that most recognize it today was non-existent. Perfect time to start a skateboard company that identifies with the beginning of gentrification (a word not yet developed) and anti corporation, Raped Inc.
A section in time that hopefully everyone can relate to. I don't have shit, I don't want shit...just skate. People seem to give me some credit for some of the late 90's, early 00's southern skateboard scene and I'd like to bounce that shit right off and onto the ones who inspired and created my way of thinking and skating....
This is Chris Head and Shawn Beeks in the first Raped Inc video.
Blessed to be in this group.
Thank you Chead and Beekerz!

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