Saturday, February 13, 2016

Is it a thing?

 Mid 00's, is that nostalgia kinda stuff yet? I've had these little edits that Scott from D.R.E made many years ago when we had way less responsibilities. CabbageTown residency. Late nights working at El Myr and lots and lots of skateboarding. In my mid/late 20's, I don't think I believed these couple years as the salad days or the end. But in many ways, they were. Gotta move on or get stuck. As much as I loved the fact that I lived off cash, a rented town home with one of my best friends, skated 6/7 hours a day and end them over beers with friends, I knew the end was near. 30 was coming in faster. The idea of not doing the nightlife or lifestyle I ran was a main goal for me within the next few years.
 These were awesome days though. Me and Scott were out constantly. I didn't give a shit what was going on outside of the bubble we all lived in. Skateboarding was incredible and I was trying to share the stoke and get some stoke.
 If you're out there on the edge of that bubble, keep going. Reality happens naturally and thankfully. Never look back in regret or wish. Be stoked what you're doing and keep going.

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