Saturday, December 19, 2015


I miss the streets.
Not just running downtown for a couple of hours to skate. But, really being in them all day and most nights. Walk up a hill, skate down a hill. Going to spots where you know the guards are coming instantly. Pushing through cars on Peachtree Street. Talking shit. Everywhere and all day. Just using the city like normal humans are in my way. Fucking up my session. Bum stories and searching for the dudes with the rolling coolers. They got those $1 cold waters. If you park in Bell area (or Peachtree MARTA) and you start thinking of crossing the Erick Sermon's rim shop bridge, you know it's gonna be a really long skate back later that night. Someone mentions Fellini's and the session starts to head back to the cars. Legs cramping on the way to the food spot, but everyone's talking about where to go tomorrow. If you're living it, keep going.

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