Monday, August 10, 2015

I'd rather skate than blog.....

Great "business" strategy for sure. But when it comes down to it, taking instacram, Facebook, blog content shit isn't that awesome to me. I'm not necessarily a "journalistic reporter". I have tried. I make myself sit down, as I'm doing now, with 2 kids and 5 other things to do and try and type out something. Just something. Probably 10 dudes will see it. No bigs. Does it matter? No. Participation is necessary, I suppose. I'd rather be doing other shit and participating on the other side than reporting on things you can come to a conclusion with. "Bender takes a trip to Asheville." It's about as easy as that. 2 days. 12 minutes of footage. Easily 20+ hours of skating that weekend. Can't wait to do it again. Chris Head came down from NYC and made every second of it amazing.


  1. Nice, i think ill go skate the curb tonight and wear my camo Bender Hat with pride.
    John Paul

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