Monday, April 13, 2015

Sprang Break!

Took a bunch of the dudes to Asheville. I'll post up some stuff that went down via warm ups or boredom.
  Was kinda thinking this would be a Thrashville sesh and that DIY spot the next day chill mode kinda thing. Stopped by the Waynesville Park after dropping the gear at Andrew's dad's epic cabin spot. Things heated quickly and went heavy til the sun went down at the DIY spot as well.
 I asked the next morning, after hearing of a beer run first stop, that 100 beers was dunzo'd. I was told "100 beers, 14 dudes, do the math Miah." Chase got all stoked at the gas station and commented on this mountain with a hard right at the bottom. Me and Head laughed that the shit was basically a bank ramp. Chase said he'd do it right now. 1st spot of the day, before any skating started. The Ambush car was curious about how it was possible. The other car went to the park. Catnip and Ben jumped out, ran a few yards up. (Video insert) Put their boards up. Chase just walked to the top. And rode down the thing. That super rough driveway ground too. Everyone was still lagging getting out of the car when Chase blazed past at an easy 35mph's +. Dudes grabbed cameras, Chase crawled back up, lost it on the turn, slid a few dozen feet, bounced up on the curb with his hip and body checked the pole.
 "I'm fine though."
 Within 30 minutes, "Yeah, I think I'm fucked." And grabbed a beer.

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