Saturday, February 14, 2015

The art of persistence....

Mikey Lynch isn't annoying. He isn't bothersome. He's just persistent and that's not a bad thing. I feel I have a bit of the same. Mine may be a bit more annoying than persistent, but you gotta make stuff happen. Doing Bender, I've found the best way to deal with the questions (grateful I even get them) of being on or in with Bender, is to say it's a money issue. There's a lot of dudes on. I gotta find a spot to get you in. Funny, that "the team's full right now, dude" was the most common response I got when mailing sponsor-me tapes in my youth. Which I initially believed, but later realized it's a nice way to say "Nah man". "Ok, that's cool, can I keep sending stuff in though. I'm really into ya'lls stuff". And I did. I wanted it. Whether it's deemed lame or trying too hard, I couldn't care less. I wanted to make something happen and to have a chance. Mikey's similar. He's expressed interest for a couple years now. Every so often kinda referencing, "So, uhh..." I had it in my mind. It wasn't that the dude isn't good on a skateboard. He's a really rad dude. Overly nice in some ways. Really green in a lot of others. But he loves skating, obviously. He's really into the skating he's interested in. He does what he does. He does it well. He gets it when he can. And he's a fan of the brand. There's not really any more money or room then there's ever been, but shit man....let's get it going. We'll see where it goes. He sent the tape over and after over analyzing the stuff in ways only me, Creasy and Head can do, I made the call. Dude, if you're down, I'm down. There's a video starting. Go make your stuff as rad as you can. Here's a shot at doing what you wanna do. Thanks for wanting to do it with Bender, Mikey. I sincerely appreciate it.

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