Friday, February 13, 2015

Another good thing from Krooked...

Personally, it's rare lately that DLX does anything worth notice. Aside from the Grant thing on AH. That's super rad. Justin skates for Real. Well, the Santi art series that they did. Shit, Sam Davidson as an artist over there is super cool too. So, maybe DLX isn't all that bad. It just isn't for me. Better than most, but I'd prefer to buy other stuff. Opinions, you know. Krooked isn't what it was in my opinion either. However, dang. A Dune edit and a Matt O' Brien edit?? Let's just accept the fact that SLAP was the best mag ever, have Nike/Cons/whoever get some stock or $$ behind it and do what needs to be done. And the icing on these edits was that sneaky lil Barker Barrett maneuver....damn good stuff!

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