Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wesley did some stuff.

..Right. But that's not the point. It's easy to be stoked on dudes you see everywhere, get some brews with at 1am, smoke tweed with daily, gets free shit from companies that marketing has convinced you as worthy of cool, etc.... Skateboarding isn't the really cool underground shit we romanticize it as. It's basically high school. You got your cool guys. Lame-o's. Weirdo's. Dorks. Jocks. And the rest of the categories. When I met Wes, my first thought was this dude has got some serious shit going on. The next was, why is this mother fucker so nice? I try to be polite and attentive when dealing with people. People have even deemed me as a nice guy, which is great. But there needs to be a line. I talk too much. I'll talk to you about the dumbest skate shit ever, for ever, because I like it. I've had dudes just say, "Yo man. Shut up. We're supposed to be skating." And that's awesome. I like that. But Wes will just sit there, "Yeah" "Uh-huh" "Rad" and have a conversation with me and I start thinking, what's this dude's deal. Just too nice and polite. So, that's the goal for 2015. We're gonna snake him, call him a little bitch, kick our boards in his path just as he's about to try something, etc.... All the lame stuff cause I wanna hear something like, "Fuck off!" come from his mouth. It's gotta be in there. But be careful though. Dude works out, I think and if he can ollie stomach high naturally, those legs are gonna kill if he gets a Daniel-son style kick on ya.
..But yeah, you probably never heard of Wesley Lembo and that's alright. He's in the nerd group. I like the nerd group. Jocks and cool guys are fucking whack anyways. Always have been.
...Biff Tannen's a bitch.
...widdip.com isn't.

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