Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nip and Reggie chillin in Paradise.....

...'s new team montage! Git!! That's good shit.
...Nick Matlin and John Montessi, from what I'm told, are the dudes behind Paradise Wheels. Two amazing skaters from the great mess of a state, FL. I've met John a few times, each occasion I fanned out unfortunately, and knew Nick Matlin from days of shred and some Satori stuff. They make cool stuff. Lots of dudes from my generation are "on" or affiliated with them. I hope the best. They support Reggie and 'Nip, so I'm backing that for sure.
  This is from, I'm assuming, their video that's supposed to be out or coming out soon. Whichever. I hear that Matt Rodriguez is going to have a part, so you know my money will be spent on  it.

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