Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hazard County....

By far my favorite spot in the city to skate, aside from Bell walls, is the little DIY crust shit behind Hazard County. It's built off a water retention wall behind the bowl and houses the extras and scrap shit that Jona has saved up/hoarded. Built by the locals with boredom issues, it's pretty rad. Knee high, steep and chippy at the bottom. It's not the DIY you would normally see as it is all made by hand. Minimal knowledge, no pour trucks or significant income pays for this stuff, it's about as true to it as you could get. The ground is rough, it runs downhill and that's stuff I've always liked about spots.
..I met up with John on a Monday night, Kline let us lock up after ourselves when the park closed and he got the "We need ya home, Dad" call from the wifey. John was killing it with the angles, Morico talked the entire time, there was a lot of uphill pushing on my part and a good elbow slam to start it off and we were locking the gate back a couple of hours later. It's a Bender commercial. I guess the goal here is to show you guys that even on a heavy mid-30 year old's skateboard, Bender Hardware can keep trucks and wheels connected to your deck.
..Or, it was an excuse to get out and skate the shit out back of Hazard.

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