Monday, November 3, 2014


...coming in with them warm ups. This stuff is actually pretty gnarly for humans...and I'm not insinuating that this isn't gnarly. But if you've seen him in person.....well, these were just the mess arounds.
....Super stoked for all the recognition Reggie is starting to receive. I wish I could say I was surprised and overjoyed and all positive adjectives you can use to express awesomeness that a good ole boy and a 100% legit hearted kid is getting to do the things he's told me he's wanted for years.
"Man, I really just want to skateboard. Like forever, I think"
...We saw it from the first session. 3 old dudes taking a break from skating at the Columbus park. It was around Thanksgiving. It was chilly for sure. And we all agreed that whoever the fuck baby Gershon is over there sweating to death with a full beard should take that show on the road. Like most, we were blown away by the way he did things. 5 years later, others are getting to see the madness he calmly creates. When you see it in person,'s not real.

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