Saturday, November 22, 2014

Point Four-Two....

Last spring I had the chance to go out all day to try and skate a bit for the Threads video. I was asked for a couple things for David and Creasy's section. It was a blast man. Everything was moving fast. Meet up, boom, shake hands, do some shuvits and noseslides, off to the spot. "You like it? Is it worth a shit?" Off to the next one. "Over it, where else?" "Nah dude, fuck eating, let's keep going" "Woah, look, Mike Devine's at Black Blocks. We gotta stop by again." It was great. We ended up at the Rock Park where Matt did this fakie shuv into the rock. Also, David Clark did an insane wallie bounce over a rock. Morico was taking pics. We were looking and thinking. Scheming and planning. It was getting dark and my legs were about to fall off. I pushed up the hill to my car, stoked on the day. Found a parking ticket. Laughed and thought, "That's kinda perfect".

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