Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm a fan of Wesley. The kid shreds. He's not the flamboyant loudmouth dipshit at the bars every night. He's a bit of a skate nerd mostly. I'm always drawn to those types of skaters. He ollies really damn high consistently. His FS Ollies on bank ramps remind me of some J. Wray snap. A lot of his skating reminds me of some J. Wray snaps. Being able to ollie well is arguably the most important part of skating. This part that is all filmed from the Brook Run park would be considered rare. A park that is known for a lot of flat area, low boxes and a couple of 4 stairs (unless your trying to get poolside) But yeah, Wes rips man. He's got some street stuff coming out that i'm sure I'll be super stoked on too.

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