Monday, September 22, 2014

"Where are we going?"

Robbie Collins compound in Warner Robins, GA is the jam. We took about 15 dudes and Robbie didn't flinch. Open arms. His wife Vicky and buddy Vaughn killed it with the food, sweet tea and hospitality. Reggie, alone, ate 5 burgers, 3 hotdogs, 2 brats, 5 cups of sweet tea and there was still food left over. The session was consistently heavy with the "intermediate" crowd taking to the ramp after Gage, Shane, Reggie and Eli would get tired. Golf balls and shooting beer cans in trees were the outside interest. Dubbed as a drunk Mikey Ralph as the "Biggest mini-ramp in the world" or "The smallest vert ramp ever", it was outta control and too fun. Thanks for the food, ramp, jams, beer and breakfast. His kid Colby is a lucky mofo. Hope you guys got Josh Butler's stench out from the family was his birthday. I guess we know how that goes at 24 years old....Thanks Robbie!!!!

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