Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chris Head's not a racist....but I may be. I'm still looking into it.

I went to eat at a Hibachi kinda restaurant where they have these Japanese dudes cook your food at the table. The restaurant had all the decor, waitresses, door greeters, Saki and food that you would stereotype Japan with. The dude came out to cook the food with the whole "O hai. I maka yu fewd" kinda shit. "O japaneze fiyah woks" And all that jazz. 
....Of course a bunch of white people, my family included, clapping hands and exclaiming "Yea! Yea! Look Kingston, look!". We paid up and left. I thought for a second at what a show these places always are and thought.....wait a damn minute. These dudes dress up and do they're song and dance as a stereotypical Japanese thing and we sit there and laugh at the funny accent. We clapped our hands when they say "O wook, japanese fiyah twuk. Woo-uh. Woo-uh." We drink Saki bombs. We ask them to tie up chopsticks so my 5 year old can have "the experience" of Japanese dining. 
....Of all the PC bullshit in the world today, no one's made a stand or remark about this?! It's not like I give a shit, if people wanna blow out their perceived stereotypes, let 'em. 
...If you were to glance at this picture of Chris Head, you wouldn't assume it was him. He's not doing a 180 nosegrind or a noseblunt. It's a steep banked nollie. Break out of your stereotype dudes. Don't keep asking the people in your life, "yu won fwie wice?" 

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