Saturday, August 2, 2014


Truly one of my favs from my youth. I never really saw videos(excluding Now-N-Later) or too many magazine pics from my isolation in Jones County, but I knew of him through my Woodward visits. I was lucky enough to sneak into his and some other really insane mini ramp rippers while I was just a knee pad, helmet and hip pads kid with no good reason to be in there with them. But it was remarkable. It was definitely thought process altering in regard to skateboard riding. After those couple of years at camp, I would see things here and there. Slap Mag stuff mostly. But I'd wish to see it in person, just once more. It's that fuggin' awesome. I got to hang with him briefly at a bar in Tampa while I was with the Hazard crew in the early-mid 2000's and it was like meeting a superhero. After that, he had stuff in that Ipath Promo vid which was killer.....but yeah. This is sick. I've watched this probably 20 times. 
...I'm in the same mindset of Chad Kramer that I am with I'm a start praying for that dude to put his feet on a skateboard and onto a transitional surface because, wow, that MF'er is amazing too.
...Oh, throw Wilburn in there. Chad Vogt. Matt Dove. Shit, Sterling Ruby! Ok, I'm losing focus.....BARKER BARRETT!!!

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