Wednesday, May 14, 2014


New Zine 4 is over in the store section of the site. These will be going to skateshops, but due to the cost in making a 42 page zine, there won't be many. To make sure you get one, it would be best to order. 

A brief write up as to what's in this issue.....
..42 page, B&W, cut-n-paste skate zine from Atlanta, GA. 
...Pics from David Morico, Nick Scott, Chaz Miley, Andrew Edge, Mikey Ralph and Jeremiah Babb.  ...Martin Marshall interviewed. 
...A "Dave's Ramp" (EAV) article. 
...A short FYI on Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. 
...Comes with DIY paper skate stickers.

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