Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ramp Sesh....

....The first trip I went on with Scott Wagoner, me and him were piled in the back cab of Bobby's Toyota. On the way to Hammond Park in Louisiana. I knew him through skating, but had never spent much time with him other than the slow time at the bar he worked at small talk time. So, we're back there bullshitting and he starts telling me about the possibility of Jovian whales that he had read about on the NASA website. And the mags he offered for me to read during the trip were like Popular Mechanics stuff. I was absolutely taken aback by it at first. I've never heard of Jovian whales. Who looks at the fucking NASA site, besides Scott's daily check. And Popular Mechanics?But, over the years I think Scott and I have embraced each other's inner nerd-isms. So when he said the song for this edit was gonna be a band covering the Batman 2 video game from the original Nintendo, an email he exclamation pointed, he knew I was all in. Thanks for the edit Scotty!!

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