Friday, March 28, 2014

Jay Buck Jam 2009

...This is the last of the PhotoCam Videos. The Jay Buck Jammers are every year (minus a couple many years back) around Halloween. Usually a couple weeks after. This one was the 2009 at the old Foundation spot. Looking back, these were some of the best ones. That spot was great. It was hidden from normal humans, the dudes who needed to know; knew, we all respected it, pick up after ourselves, built and policed it. It was a place Jay would have loved. Most hoped for a legitimate park, although some preferred the DIY of this place. The park happened. I haven't been since the last Jay Jam this past November. It's not that great. The cops are there all the time now. Parking tickets, smoking tickets, Pat got ejected from the public park for skating too close to the cop that was there monitoring it (?). All sorts of weird stories, I hear about. Some things are better left un-fucked-with.

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