Friday, February 21, 2014

AHU is dead....

Ryan was the first dude who showed me around Atlanta. I was visiting with my Macon friends at 16 years old. Ran into him and a couple other guys. I asked if we could skate with them. He said "If you can keep up."
...He rules the Bell Walls. Highest, farthest and most consistent. After living in town for awhile, I ran into him there and he asked what was the deal? Why wasn't I riding the walls? I told him I couldn't. I can't wallride. He said I'd better get on it. That I couldn't call myself an Atlanta skater if I can't ride the Bell Walls.
...Brutal honesty. Amazing friend, skater, photographer, etc... Set the scene up with Atlanta Hates Us. Gave Scott Wagoner an outlet to express his videos. And helped everyone out, in one way or another. Ryan left for LA a week ago. Nike stuff. A change of pace. All that. A kid of the city. Thanks Ryan....See ya around.....

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