Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kris Barnett!

I've known Barnett for many years. He was around during the Seaboard days, so that puts it at close to, if not more than 10 years. We skated together quite a bit then. I know that he started building guitars. Just on a whim. "Yeah man, I'm trying to make my own guitar." He explained that he's got this shit set up in his house and cuts, sands, etc.... Fully not surprised by any of it. He was kind of a fly by the seat of his pants dude anyways. A couple years later, we talked about his guitar building at a session. He explained that he sold a couple. Damn, that's rad, right? To the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra...... Whoa. When I asked how he learned how to do it, he replied "I got a book and just started trying to figure it out." That about sums it up.....

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