Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jay Buck!!

 “I want a big old bucket of slaw,” Jay said.
            “So, you want the coleslaw?” she asked.
            “As long as it comes in a bucket.”
            “I’m putting you down for the coleslaw,” she said, shaking her head.
            She turned her head to me. I also ordered a hamburger.
            “Salad or coleslaw?”
            “I’d also like a bucket of slaw,” I said.
            We three sniggered and the waitress sighed, wrote down the order in the green pad.
            Aaron also ordered a hamburger and a bucket of slaw. The waitress shook her head one last time and went to the kitchen to put the order in.
            We erupted in laughter when she left.
            “I only eat my slaw outta buckets!” Jay Buck announced.

......I found this on a blog site called Oh pines! It's one of Jay's old friends from Michigan and there are a few things written, very well, about him on the site. Tomorrow is the Jay Jam at the park. See you dudes out there....

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