Friday, June 28, 2013

The 40 yard contest.....

......I wanna try to write this without getting into novel length. Basically, skaters in Atlanta became inspired by Burnside in the late 90's. A couple of them found an old graffitti wall, drug haven, prostitution station pocket off W. Peachtree St. in downtown behind the Cheetah and the liquor store. Perfect spot, right. We built and skated there constantly. There was no cement parks. There were no wooden parks. There was nowhere to go for any amount of time and skate without being booted. Turn that into a Tuesday at 2pm trying to find a spot to go skate at....and you come up with 40 yard. Crudside. Every damn day. And it was great. Bum prostitute dudes, drug dealer dudes would, at night, look after our new crete or new stuff we drug down there in exchange for a 12 pack. Which we gladly gave and they would hang out and tell us ridiculous shit in between taking go's at 40 yard. We would also give them our old clothes or just clothes we would find, along with shoes and jackets and shit. Homeless prostitute men would be walking around Midtown wearing beat up skate shoes and skate T's. Amazing.
...So, at some point, Seaboard Avenue dudes were like. "Fuck, let's do a lil contest thing at 40 yard. It will bring so many people down and we'd all get to skate and do something besides the same old all day at 40 yard." So we did. There were no sponsors. I can't remember what the prizes were or who won. There was no divisions. No money to enter. Raffles crew donated an old kids toy tape deck thing with a speaker on it that you walk around with and it had a microphone connected to it as the P.A system. No cops showed up. No attitudes. Just about everyone who was in some shape or form connected to Atlanta skating was there just hanging out and participating.
......It's been many many years. I've never seen footage of it. Some of us still talk about that day; how bizarre of an idea it was, the fact that we got away with it in the middle of downtown Atlanta on a Saturday and how good it was that so many people showed up just to skate. It was a fantastic thing. I hope the younger skate kids are doing shit just as rad.....

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