Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corey Hainline!!

...Probably the raddest thing about skateboarding to me right now (and very fucking frustrating), is the fact that so much stuff is being done on such rad levels. The street skating that a lot of guys are doing now is just so awesome and motivating that it makes me wanna go skate immediately. Then the backyard ramp scene is so much fun that I wanna be there too. But then the bowls are really rad and fun. AND then, Vert is the craziest shit ever and just scratching the coping has addicted me to that. It's just too much!! And so good.
....I look on this Theories site rarely. I like it. It's just not in the off the top of my head in the 5 minutes I spend looking at skate sites. But it is really cool. They support the type of skating that I've always been into and involved with. Looked at it today though. And damn old Cory Hainline had an interview thing linked up and some skate footy as well! The common thread is that I met Cory through and old friend of mine at 13 years old as I visited him for the weekend in Marietta. (Ironically, I now live right down the street from Cory's Mom's house) Always really rad to see stuff about him. It is always at sporadic and random intervals in life when we see each other, but I've always remembered that weekend getting to skate with him and Peter.

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