Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vert Stoke!!

...Ramps are back. That's good. Vert's coming back. That's good too. A lot of sessions around town the last few years involving shit that is over my head and steeper than what I have been conditioned in my skateboard years. I've been thinking of getting some of those big ass vert pads and hitting some shit up with those dudes. I've always liked it when I started skating. (This era in above vid) And of course I became the snotty attitude riddled teenager, and into the mid-20's, that thought vert was wack as shit. There were a few that me and my buddies would give passes to. Frazier, Zitzer, Brian Howard and of course Bob, but other than that. Dorks. With this section of skating coming back, there are of course the trends of names that must be said when talking about vert and how epic they were/are. We all know 'em and my intention isn't to diss them since I agree with the radness people speak of, so I'll leave them off of here. But I would like to bring attention to, two epic parts from probably my favorite video of my youth. Chris Miller's part (above) from Planet earth's Now-N-Later. And Buster Halterman from the same vid. Just insane smoothness and destruction with technical lip tricks and truck smashing on the way in. Never mind this video introduced me to sugar cane grinds. (best looking ramp trick) These two crush them the best I've ever seen. Add these dudes to your hip conversations at the bar of who was the shit back in the day on a vert ramp...

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