Monday, February 11, 2013


....Wow. Wow. I don't like to do or say things in the "I told you so" or "see how I know what I'm talking about", kind of way. But this. This right here. I've been saying this right here for almost two years now. Something is coming. A new style. A "changing of the guard", if you will. It's just too apparent when you're out there. Skating with dudes. Talking to dudes. The attitude is that skateboarding companies are fucking boring, they re-hash the same ideas and maneuvers that got them their mega status and put whatever Nascar sized logo on the bottom of a skateboard to sell. People want something new, fresh and they can relate too. Nike, Street League, trips to China. Wonderful. But for the 99%ers of skateboarders. Shit ain't happening.....Read and learn.....That "future" I was talking about in a few previous posts. The one where you thought I was crazy......I'm not the only one. It's coming.

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