Friday, January 25, 2013

El Myr X Lowcard X Seaboard X Bender Fiesta!!

 .....Stormy lined up an Atlanta article for Lowcard mag. The dudes over there agreed to it. Morico got hella stoked and got the flashes out....
 .....Everyone got more stoked when Lowcard said we could do a release party. Then everyone went ballistic after Jim from El Myr said that we could absolutely do it there and that there will be drink specials, food specials, free bender coozies, free mags, a DJ dude, skate vids on the TV, free Lowcard shit, all of your old friends, everything you could want right?......
...So this week, people have been hyping it up on the ole Instagram and making flyers, texts, phone calls, emails and all sorts of shit. Just wanna say thanks to the dudes at Lowcard. Support this mag, the way they see skating and pick up some of their gear. Without people in this mindset making their own way, skateboarding would be.......well....fucked. See ya Monday!!!!!

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