Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dave's Ramp!!!

....New additions have been added in the last year or so. Some dudes are trying to get a sesh going to help fund the warehouse bills or repairs or additions or something. They told me about it at the Lowcard Party at El Myr last night, so I don't really remember....Bring some cash. Donate. Skate. Eat. Chill. Saturday, February 2nd at 5:00pm......

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  1. Hey this is Larry! I was at this Jam and it Rocked!!! When you get around to editing the photos could you please send me a link? I was the guy doing the fakie heels and sessioning @ the end. Or even email me at LRABDUL24@AOL.COM. Thank You!!! Later!!! If you guys are ever down to film let me know!!! Add me on FB!!!