Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jona Owings!

.....Should hear what this man's got on the horizon for his family and future skating in the south.....insane! But, wanna learn how to build a proper QP? He's the dude to learn this kinda shit from......He'll be grilling at the Jay Buck jam next Sunday....'Preciate ya Jona!


....looks so sick! Mid 90's vert was pretty heavy. Mike Frazier, Paul Zitzer, Bob, D.Way and Brian Howard are  the ones we paid attention to. Tampa was always a destination. Good vid here. Plenty more radness to come from this stuff....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clavid Dark....

.....Swear to god, I dunno why I get these damn CCs catalogs. (I think its from my Thrasher subscription, ironically) However, like some evil dipshit curse, I "have" to look through them. It questions my love and want to skateboarding. Just complete nausea reading the captions, "interviews" and brands they carry. With that being said, David has an ad thing in the new one. Quiksilver paid for it. I figured I'd scan it in before I threw it away. I wonder if he'll do the same.............

Will Boatwright!

 Will's been around for awhile. Met him when going to the big bowl's trying to learn how to skate that shit. I can't. Met alot of rad dudes who can though and are just skating when they can and what they want. Will's a ripper. Dedicated to it and on it. Physical therapist by day. Padded vert monster at night. Just got hitched to his long time lady friend. Took her down to Costa Rica afterwards with the crew and got some sick spots in. Will's down for us. We're down for him.

Jim Phillips!!!

 ...Old friend of ours, Eric Shoemaker, moved to SF some years back. Every so often I'll hear from him. I think this time he was bragging....but hell. I would too....
...."So as it turns out, a co-worker of mine's neighbor is Jim Phillips down in Santa Cruz. We got to go today to his house and check out his studio space. It was pretty amazing talking to someone that was such a big part of skateboarding history."

 If you haven't read or bought this. Go 'head and get on it....
....Epic shit.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jay Buck!

....Hazard Park's grilling some food. Deck Specks donated a parking block to sesh. bender's doing the high ollie contest thing. DJ Fari will be doing the music. Atlanta Falcons game starts at 8:20pm. Your old friends are going. It's a Sunday afternoon. It's been 12 years this Halloween. No excuse......see ya there.

Dan.... of the best ever! 43 magazine is too sick! Even more stoked when I read through it and saw our boy Daniel on the damn cover! "Wow, where the hell is that spot?", I thought. California? New York? Some backwoods spot in Carolina? Nah. It's in.....(hold on, trying to see how you spell this)...Izmir, Turkey. OOhhh! That was my next guess. Dan's always out there. Lifer.
...If you can find these mags, support 'em. Stoked!


.....on the road constantly. Living good.

David Clark

.....Best shit since Underachievers videos! I love this dude!!!

Decatur Park boys

........Scotty got it goin with this edit!