Friday, August 24, 2012

Pat McClain!!!

......I think I met Pat within the first year of him skating. He was probably 13. Always at the skatepark chasing around his older peers up there. He was kinda odd though. I could tell immediately that his thing was ramps. Not the vert ramp kids crowd though. And not really the pyramid flippers either. He was natural at mini and bigger QP's at the park. He would skate that stuff alone mostly. He wanted it on all terrains though, learning really fast. Super hyped on skating and always asking me shit. I was hyped on him. He was bummed on his town and just wanted out. I'd tell him things like "When you're 18, you're free". "Just keep skating man. Fuck this town." And crap like, "There's more out there. Just keep skating".
   He started coming to the city. Living in the city. Traveling the states. Traveling the world. Pouring 'crete at parks. And building the city's D.I.Y stuff. And absolutely shredding skateboards.
   Super proud of the kid from the shit hole town in west Ga. Through all these years it's always ends the same when talking with Pat about his road stories and trips...."There's more out there man, just keep skating."
   I've been down for Pat since the beginning. And Pat's down for bender. This one was a no-brainer. Thanks for jumping in, brother.....

Thursday, August 23, 2012


...i don't know how to pull vids from vimeo and put them on here.

.....I haven't seen Cole in awhile. Not since he moved back up to Gainesville, GA for school. I hear he's ripping. Miss seeing that style in person, though. morico photo.

Speaking of Morico, he made a lil video of some bender dudes going to the skate jam in Macon, GA a few weeks ago. It was rad as hell going back "home". We got a room. Skated from 2pm til Midnight. Pushed through downtown alot. Heat exhaustion at the park. Waffle House dinners. Just sweating and jamming the streets. Was rad. Good crew. Good vibes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pusher Wheels.....

...made a lil video/montage/promo/whatever. It's some skateboarding. Good f-in wheels out of Philadelphia. It's not the same ole stuff everyone else is made from. I've been trying to find out who pours his wheels. Rob won't tell. Check 'em if you get a chance. Got some Maldonado in here. Some Aaron Brown. Some Shawn Beeks. And I got some stuff to make the time pass also. Pretty tight. Thanks Rob!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lil Dancer.

I've known Dusty "Lil Dancer" Yauilla for quite a few years now. He's always been one of those dudes that are easy to write off. One night of drunken randomness and most people are over it. And for good reason. He's a complete mental case when he gets to a certain level of alcohol consumption. But there's something I've seen in him since the first night of meeting him, where he chugged my last beer while I was taking a run around the park in Louisville and then saw him after the bars closed on the strip crawling out of a KFC dumpster with a bag of food. Explaining to me that just because it's in the dumpster doesn't mean it isn't food. I've been a fan ever since. Beneath the psychopath drunk, there is an amazingly talented skater and a loyal amigo. I've been through some crazy shit the times me and Dusty went drinking together and sharing stories of a drunk Dusty is almost as good as him being there, but the best story is when he went sober, moved to California and started ripping shit to shreds. Well, the Mr. Move show we went to and jumped on stage together was pretty tight too.
  "What's yo name, Lil dancer?"
  "Dusty tha Dancer! Alright lil buddy."
............Dusty doesn't ride for bender, but I've been so hyped on his skating and hoping good things would happen for him for so long, that I had to post it up. If anyone sees Dusty though, tell him to hit me up or something.................

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bender stuff.....

   Life's been good lately. I've been working that steady 40 a week. Dinners with the family. Kid goes to bed. Wife wants to watch some reality shows. Out back, I rig up some lights and skate for a couple hours......
....then set up in the garage with a couple beers and paint bolts. Pack boxes. Draw bad art ideas. Wish I could sleep a few more hours before I wake up for work. And paint some more. Wee hours of the morning comes. Running on fumes. Time for work again......Couldn't be better.

Friday, August 3, 2012


...More weird stuff from the Hazard side of things. Ever heard that people from Arizona or Florida are scorched and burnt out due to the sun and heat? Thinking Cameron living at Hazard may be having the same effect. The kid is awesome, but has a strange vision. I'm digging it, but concern is mounting. If you're heading down there, bring the kid a fan for his bunk. He's upstairs above the skate shop......Good to see some Eli up in here too...

Rad shit......

....One of the best skateboarders to come out of Atlanta is Cooley and all his aliases. Before videos were common place, cameras were everywhere and photos from Atlanta would run in magazines, Steve was out in the city killing it. Smoothest styles. Amazing ramp skater. Knew the streets and the hip-hop scenes. Sick artist. I butted heads with him often, but was always in shock that I was friends with him. He moved to Miami years ago, but the stuff he did while skating in Atlanta is still jaw-dropping. Supernaut Skateboards vid.


   Hey, if you live close to the middle of nowhere or love traveling to exotic and remote locations in south Ga, swing by this event in a couple weeks! Big Dave has been around Atlanta for ever now. He's gonna help some friends out and do this contest thing for them. I hear it's a pre-fab park and made it sound like it was a bad thing. Remember the crappy parking lot contests from your youth? It's a give and take. Looks like he has a bunch of local companies getting down in the sponsor department. Fuck it make it a day trip. What else you got going on?