Sunday, December 9, 2012

Things to consider.....

....As boring or gay as you think it is to give a shit about anything but yourself and making that scrilla, watch this vid that Consolidated made in the early 2000's. This was either just as or just before the big Nike push. And was when you started seeing "real" skateboards in stores like the Hobby Lobby and Dick's Sporting Goods. Birdo makes some good points. He always has.
.....I wear and like Adidas. They last a long ass time. I get them for free. My good friend Bobby works for them. It feels right to support him and his thing. So, I don't know where I fit in to this whole DDI Army thing anymore. Shoes and corporations are a big part of this argument. I guess I'd have to stay with the side of local core shops. And since today is the Pack the Park sesh, I guess I'll say that no matter how long you've been skating or what your age is. If you're not supporting your local park/shop/scene, then don't be surprised when it dries up and goes away. Leaving you in the old K-Mart parking lot bailing three flips until you finally realize life sucks, give in to normal society and head to the club with a Monster Energy hat on. Talking bout how "DC and Tony Hawk was about to sponsor me, but since that park went outta business I'm just laying tile until I can get money to have someone film my web sponsor video. Yeah, it's gonna be sick."
....Here's some articles about things like this and remember.......Zumiez, CCS, that paintball store in town, Dick's, Play It Again Sports, the dude on EBAY with 10 skateboards for $75, the "shoe boutique" with the fresh swag street wear shit, etc. None of those dudes give a fuck about you and your skateboard buddies. They will never sponsor, support or help you in any way, shape or form. You are their customer. Period. They're "just here til it's time to get off work. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Plan B makes good stuff kid. Saw a dude on NBC with that shirt on. He was like Tony Hawk, I think." Those dudes? You wanna support those dudes.

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