Friday, November 30, 2012

Deckspecks video.....

...I don't know how this happened. Probably should have played that Mega Powerball lottery after this day. Somehow, Stormy and I got a day off from work AND family AT THE SAME TIME and shot photos (?) with David Morico. Stormy likes to do that kinda shit super early. So by 9:30a.m. we're at the DeckSpecks D.I.Y spot. Helluva warm up/1st spot for sure. Then out of nowhere, David Clark rolls by in his truck. Stops, chats and comes out skating with us. We go to this spot under the bridge that I been wanting to go to for months and skated a few hours. Scotty Wagoner and mass bender dudes show up randomly. We buy a 1$ Georgia Bulldogs tee from some bum. Realize it's getting to be mid to late afternoon and the dad squad had to get thrown back into reality and fatherhood. Skated with 2 of my all-time favorite skaters at rad spots and actually got "stuff" done. Rad shit man. It doesn't happen that often as the years pass by.

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