Wednesday, July 25, 2012

weird out....

  Came across this on the Polar blog. Pontus and Polar and No-complies can do no wrong. The dude is killing it lately. If you haven't seen his stuff and scene, please do yourself a favor and go here to get motivated. So stoked on his stuff and can't wait to see it at shops in the U.S.
   The other is kind of noticeable after staring at the photo for a few minutes. What the hell kinda park is this?  I know the kids and contests organizers want the hottest and hardest tricks, but c'mon! This is fucking ridiculous!!! Micro sized skateparks and contests are complete B.S. These are fucking professional skateboarders. I'm expecting a little more than flatbars and 1' wedge ramps from the kiddie course.

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