Saturday, July 7, 2012

Skate it!

 Skate it or hang it was a few weeks ago. It was unreal. People skating through the streets. Ramp set-ups. 5boro dudes. Everyone you haven't seen in months or years was there checkin the shit out. Reliving that childhood skateshop feel. Alot of pointing and "No Way!" were thrown towards the walls of boards. Most agreed that so much stuff was going on, that we'd have to come back to absorb all the rad. Here, Old Man Rob and Andy Howell discuss the physics of nollies......
Couple old looking farts here huh? Dude on left, was on the Animal Chin Ramp build crew and had a photo doing a FS air on a 2x6 skateboard. Dude on the right, skater of the year '78 and brought punk rock into skating.....this was all sitting on the side of Peachtree Street on a Saturday afternoon.
 Chase got all fan out style and was asking everyone for a quarter when he saw Steve Olson outside....I asked Chase, "What's with the quarter dude?" "Guarte! Haven't you ever seen the Santa Cruz Guarte vid!"
This kid has been a fan of Lance Mountain's skating since like 5 minutes ago when he asked him "Hey, are you sponsored?"...

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