Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shawn Beeks and Pusher Rob!!

It's been a few years since Ive skated with Shawn. We used to go out about 3 times a week. Pushing through downtown. Some Decatur park action. Or Crud's ramp at The Avenue. He was getting ready to move to Philly for school and came out for a "last session" with the amigos and had his knee cap explode on him for the second time. Did a tailslide on the box, landed, broke kneecap. Had to move in that condition a couple days later.
...He always swore he'd "never skating again. It's just not worth it." when I would talk with him. Then one time, I think he set up a board. A few times later he may have skated down the street. Then a little more. And a little more. I'd laugh and tell him that it's coming. Skateboarders are too dumb to just let it be as simple as that. There's always a fire and drive inside. If  you're on the street, you're gonna make it jump up the curb or grind it. That kickflip will creep back in. The forgotten mini ramp you seshed will be remembered. There's no end for this. Shawn's almost at mid 30's, got a job, 2 exploded knee caps, school stuff going on, art stuff going on and has started skating again. I'm fucking stoked!
....Rob does Pusher wheels up in Philly. Hook's up Atlanta's Aaron Brown with wheels. Builds a buncha stuff. Supports the local and makes some damn good wheels. Stoked on them. Anything that doesn't flatspot, got good width and doesn't wear out in two weeks is good by me. I've been looking for a couple years. Spits, Oj's, Bones....nah. I'll take these any day. Thanks Rob. Thanks Shawn. Good rippin and good scene from the North.

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