Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big Bro Mag 2002...

Big Brother did an Atlanta article back in 2002 that Andrew Hutchinson shot. This was 40 yard's "hey day". Before Midtown Blue cops and major developments in that part of Midtown. It attracted a lot of lookers, sightseer's and lurkers. This photo wasn't staged. It was just a random weekend warm up. Ryan Flynn was a ruler of the 40. People like the one's in the background were not common, but it wasn't unheard of to see. Mom's would drop their kids off to skate here too. Like 10 year olds. That always blew us away. So much sketchy stuff went down there and to just drop off Lil Jimmy with a Gatorade, a helmet and a skateboard was too funny.

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  1. This rules. I skated there a handfull of times in the late 90's maybe. Coming from conyers was expensive for a 19-20 year old. Thanks for building this, Chris etc. you made my life better those few days I was able to skate there.