Tuesday, March 13, 2012

some dudes came out...

...to the ramp on sunday. good fun. Creasy shot these with his iphone. he told me he wanted to send me only back tails and back smith photos. "sure man, do whatever you want for it"
.....David Clark has a proper stylish every trick. backtails were going every try. smooth.
Chris Head lanks one out and pushes the shit out of his....
Andrew Edge! Absolute maniac! Seems he can do almost any trick, any try. His Ruin vid shit is gonna be ridiculous! He may have just learned these this day. He struggled at first and within an hour had em from end to end of the ramp. Every rip. Nuts.
...I've only got a few tricks left in the "I'm pretty sure I can do these almost every try and if not, atleast within the next 5 tries, so bear with me "category . I'm stoked to have these. Best feeling trick.....

Stoked on the flicks Matt!!! Thanks!

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  1. Still waiting for directions/invite. You miss a hell of a sess @ Woody's Saturday