Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ole' John Willis from Griffin, Ga... down with Bender, for sure. I met John a couple years ago through Stormy. He liked to film and I needed to film a few things. Pretty awkward, kinda odd set up. I told him I was kinda crazy in the head when I filmed and that I don't do things twice. He seemed cool with that and he is now filming with Matt Creasy for the new Ruin video. These two are so fucking picky, the thing may never come out.
......John's up at Ruin alot working. He seems to be stoked on too many things in life and that shit bothers me. So if you are bored (obviously), go up there. Ask him a million dumb questions about Nike shoes and which shirts match. Inquire and request to see 20 different board shapes, concaves and graphics. Ask what an 88b hardness for wheels are. Give him a sponsor-me-tape. See if he knows where any good spots are downtown. Return the bender bolts you just bought and trade "up" for Shake Junt. Have him grip your board. Ring you up. Tell him "Damn, I left Mom's credit card in my wallet in the car. Lemme call her real quick." "Shit man, she didn't answer. I'ma bounce. Peace!" He needs to be bummed out. His cheery/positive attitude makes me avoid his calls. He needs some bitter in his heart....Thanks John!!! Stoked on the vid!

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  1. awesome man. glad to see john in front of the camera for once. call him big jern. he'll like that alot.