Friday, November 18, 2011

Pretty hyped on this...

...longtime Atlanta local Chris Thiessen has been working over at TWS for a couple years now. Doing some web editing, contest filming, etc...He hooked us up on the TWS news section today! Super stoked man!!! Thanks so much for the kind words and love of the South. Hope to see ya soon!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deck Specks!!

...Found this in a local tattoo rag called Ink Atlanta (?). I dunno, it's usually at Ruin and free. Looked through it last night found our ole amigos in there and wanted to post it ip as a re-hype for these dudes and their gig. I hear they're working their asses off and even got G.Bix stoked and workin hard up there. Super stoked on this kinda stuff. D.I.Y...gotta love that shit. Here's their commercial one more time. Scott Wagoner filmed it. They build over at Dave's Ramp warehouse. I mean, it's just rad stuff. Strat's got 'em. Everyone should support this stuff!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bender stoke...

....There's alot of rad stuff in the Thrasher mag this month. From Grant's interview to the Zero dudes. From Dan Plunkett's page to the Jason Dill thing.
...But the one thing I like the most is the Ian Mackaye interview. The last thing he says is "I literally still dream about skating, 'cause it was freedom. I'm so glad I was rolling down hills at four in the morning instead of standing in line at some fucking keg party. Or worrying about getting into college. I was free. I was free as a motherfucker."
...Yeah man, me too.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dan Plunkett!!!

...Whoa! Scanners. How do they work? I'm lucky I got this onto a computer screen somehow and was scared I'd mess it up if I tried to "crop" it. Not the point.
...Dan rips. You know. New Thrasher mag, he gave Bender a lil free publicity. No one caught it but me, probably. But thanks so much holmes!!!! Best shit ever!!!
...He informed me, after I thanked him, that Stockton did it first.....such a humble fellow. So D.T.E, ya know?

Jay Buck Jam!

...We did the Jay Buck Jam last weekend at the 4th Ward park in Atlanta. Stormy brought tons of hotdogs, chips and waters. We had the Falcons game on the boom box. DJ Fari played some tunes and way more people than we thought showed up. I gotta say we have tried to do this memorial sesh somewhere every year. We missed a couple. We all agree the first ones that happened in Piedmont Park were the best, but it's always cool to see just how many people show up. From lil kids who think it's a contest, street mission kids stopping in between spots, old dudes we only see this time of year, the dudes up in the mags, the o.g. Atlanta crew "REEB", and people showing up through word of mouth that we got some free beer and food. Fuck, I saw this dude there all incognito lurkin around and I haven't caught up with him in years. All around it's a rad thing. And the Seaboard dudes thanks everyone for showin up. If you knew Jay Buck or not, it was super tragic and so sudden it shocked all of us who knew him 11 years ago. We miss that dude daily and it's nice to see people roll through to skate and kick it with us old fuckers....Thanks!!!