Sunday, August 28, 2011

" have the right to an attorney... also have a right to do anything you want in this world because it's a free world and that's it. see ya later"

....If you've been around long enough, you already know. If you're new and ignorant to Atlanta's skate scene history. Then this is a dude you need to find information on. Switch tricks, art, "Big Deals" raver pants, Strat friend, Transworld interviews shot in Atlanta, did art production for New Deal out of Atlanta, etc..... If you ever run in to dudes from Atlanta, over 30 at a bar and start talking about their childhood idols.....He's gonna be one of the top 5 annoying old dudes stories that go "...I saw him downtown one night, when I was like 15 and he was rippin! Like he went up to that thing at....and just did it! Then skated off! Was so sick!"

...I'll spare my Andy Howell stories.........unless you catch me drunk.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bender homie made the cut....

...last dude in here. Our amigo from Hazard Park, Chase bombing that big fuckin hill out in Conyers. If he won this from this hill, it'd be the second contest won by locals bombing this very hill. (Timmy won the Santa Cruz E-Man contest) I haven't been but heard it's pretty heavy. And that's coming from Conyers loc gone big, D. rad shit. rip it up country bumpkins!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

today's my birthday....

...and i appreciate all the love from my friends, family and even the atlantahatesus website. But there's a feeling i can't put into words when i get a text from Mr. Oyola wishing me happy birthday. I've been watching this part religiously lately before heading out to skate street spots and parking lots by myself. This embodies my skateboarding past and I hope I can always hold onto these lil clips filmed back in the mid 90's. Meeting Ricky was one of the raddest times i can remember in skateboarding. Skating, drinking, talking and hanging with him that week in Cabbagetown will be my fondest memory of skating. Running with the trends is tiresome. Street skating is dead. It's the only thing I know.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


.....too too too damn hyped for the season to start!!!!!

oohhh mama!

....that damn #20 is for sure my next purchase!! firin up! startin up friday night August 12 against the Dolphins. Pre-season game 1!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

why is skateboarding so cheesy?!

...been lovin these dudes approach to skating for a couple years.  it's a shame that no one in our city will ever give these guys a chance, shop-wise or skate-wise, because they don't advertise in the big mags and just scrape by with no "big" name pros......these guys are in it. support things you feel are rad. not just "i'll buy what he has cause it's easy and i'll look cool" skateboarding is so damn cheesy sometimes.

Friday, August 5, 2011