Friday, May 27, 2011

Dan and David.... noseblunt. to front lip.

....awhile back these two did a Thunder Commercial. I'm never a big fan of skaters thinking they're actors, but this shit was pretty damn funny. David imitating Graham is priceless!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


...this shit is retarded!!!

bender dudes...Ben Hayes!

....he can ride a skateboard backwards and crooked down handrails that are beside walls, but that's not the point of this...the point is how, I used to grip Ben's boards back when he was a wee boy coming in to Ruin and annoying the shit out of me with a barrage of skateboard questions that I didn't care about. Or more annoying was looking at his blank stare's and giving me the "uuhhh, I dunno. I don't have any money" when I asked if he wanted to check something out. That went on for years. Years!! He wouldn't speak. Drove me nuts. Then I remember the crazy dreads he grew. I was just "What the fuck?" when i saw those things stroll into the store. I didn't see him for a few years and randomly ran into him skating. I instantly remembered him and was struck on how good he was. A couple years after that I skate with him and I'm blown the fuck away by his gig. No real sponsors to speak of. works 30 hours a week. Skates all day and night. And lives life pretty sick. We got him on Ruin obviously, it was a given. He bought his first boards from there. And he's filming for the Ruin vid. I'm hearing stuff he's doing that is just face melting. He rips. He does it for the right reasons. And he loves it. Go ahead and get acquainted with his style. He'll be around town for awhile.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bender dudes...Reggie Kelly

...I looked for photos of Reggie. Couldn't find many in the Google search. I stole this one because most of them were of some big football player. Which is weird because I started to think that since Reggie is built like a football player, maybe he's doing the old double life...
... It's true I don't know a whole lot about young Reggie here. I met him less than a year ago. Talked to him a few times on the phone. Skated with him a few times. But not much more. These are things I know about him. He either just did or is going to soon graduate highschool. He's either 15, 16, or 17. He may have a full beard. He looks like he drinks muscle milk. He seems to ride the fuck out of a skateboard. I heard he always has his Ipod in, even when his skating with friends. (weird) He either has a warped, dry sense of humor or actually doesn't know the answer to some of the questions he asks. He can take a beating when skating, I think. Rides either 7 ply or 8 ply boards. We either are friends or he's just acting like it. And I think I've been pretty hyped on this dude since the first time I saw him skating at the Columbus park....but I can't be sure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm not....

..trying to hype it up with Dan. This is what it's like going skating with this dude. Things you thought were really gnarly and craze, is just another day for this's almost depressing. but not really. it's actually really awesome!

Bender dudes....Cole Frazier!

...never seen a person in my life skate similar to Cole. Double jointed knees. Mega pop. Lots of times while skating I just watch and wonder "How the fuck did he just do that, like that?!" Fully got his own unique style going. 100% original. Grew up in North Georgia. The middle of nowhere. I dunno how he got this good. Dude laughs alot. Reads alot. Works alot. Skates alot. Totally DTE...I've known him for years. Always been hyped. This dude's a destroyer!

Santi.......dead last!

..Damn Am crap happened last weekend. Plunkett did pretty good I heard. Tried to watch some of the footy, but i dunno....children flipping and spinning onto handrails robot style? ehh. Cool these things happen, I'd rather watch the Pro-Tec Pool Party. (which is this Sat!)...back to the subject.
...That one really awesome skater Ishod won. A whole mess of other randoms filled in some blanks, but our boy Santi did it. Last! Most would be bummed. Our group has always cheered for last. Think. You were the worst of the worst. You went and tried and did so terrible that people who call themselves judges looked past your name from 2nd place all the way to the 98th place. and when they thought they were done....Oh wait. Look. There's one more name on the list. He gets last place.
....While people practice, train and focus on these structured contests hoping it will further their skate "career". It's always nice to see the true street ripper come in with no idea of the set up. Take the runs. Walk out feeling stoked to just be a part of the scene and discuss the street spots they're going to tomorrow.
...Someone had to get last. I'm proud it was my friend and one of my favorite skaters....Santi!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bender Dudes...Dan!'s never gonna be as good as this, fellas. you can try and practice and play the lotto, but we all wanna skate like ole' Danny boy. if he wants it. he takes it. life. skateboarding. genius. "Yo player? Can I have a dollar?"

Bender Dudes...David!

The best of the best from the south. Born and raised in conyers, ga. I've been proud to call this dude my friend and am always excited for his future. If the people (sponsors) that be, don't see that David is an inspiration and a one of a kind person and skateboarder, then let it be known right now. That when I watch this dude skate. It makes me wanna be a better, smoother and spot seeking skateboarder. Thank you David for being part of my life. I owe you a few beers or something.

The Business...

Sorry to the two people who view this blog. This pretty much sums up me and gary's life right now. I'm trying to get a ramp in my backyard for securing skate sesh's and Gary is trying to crunch for Ride Or Die Dist. On top of doing and providing for families. It's been fun. I'll tell ya! shirts are coming this week. Bolt people are being bitches. We'll get it together. Thanks for the homies who have been down since the get down. Stormy Pruett is in here. What?! Yes, he still skates. At times it's not what you do, but how you do it. And he runs the whole scha-bang on rad back to sleep, family, work, skate, numbers, money and life......gracias for hanging in there amigos...