Friday, March 25, 2011

got 'em... art. this is gonna be the actual match box (not match book) the bolts come in. sample bolts came in too! and moving forward......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

why did we pick...

..this guy as our first tee shirt design. a poor drunk who wrote books about his incredible life's stories. an inspiration to either clean your act up or embrace the ridiculous-ness of your in the slums and acting like retards while growing up and trying to figure out how to not wear a suit to work, is something we can all agree on. freedom doesn't make you a grip of money at the end of the week, but it's a hell of alot better than "kissing corporate's ass for the year end bonus" cheers my friends, express yourself and keep it shreddy!

Settles Bridge remix

I posted this montage recently but without music. I edited it to this song, and thought it was too much so it went without added sound. But I still like the song, it's the theme from the Nintendo game Contra. David Clark used to run through this game easily and I thought it would be good tunes for a montage. Now off to the bar! Happy St Pattys Day! -Scott

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

inspiration to go ride the skateboard tomorrow...

some of us have to work...
..if you aren't understanding this, then you may be on the wrong website.

Bender Dudes......Chris Burns

...if Richard Angelides and this dude had a baby, it would probably be Burner. no bullshit goin on with this dude. doesn't care about much besides skating, homies and getting that rent paid. one of the younger dudes who does it cause he loves it. no gymnast landings, sponsor hunting fiend, or wannabe trendster. he'll shred, laugh, buy some beer and will shoot empty beer cans with a BB Gun that are hanging from a tree until the sun comes up with you....and that's the first day you meet him. they don't make 'em like this anymore.
nollie bigspin lip, spinning in front of you......think about it...
spot hunter. 5-0 180 in some dirty sketchy downtown garage...
switch fuckin blast!!! not many people rolled away from this gap when it was around. tall and far. heel bruises were the daily special. Burner. cleared it by a mile..
sickest fakie ollie. straight float. 4 years ago this guy could barely drop in....

...him and his friends made a video of them skating in atlanta a few years ago. they DIY'd everything and only a few dozen copies were made. everyone i've talked to who has seen it says it is by far the best vid to come out of Atlanta in years. Hi-8. no generators. filmed each other. stenciled discs and late night street skating in Atlanta......i'm trying to get that on the internet somehow.

Santi.... an art show at the end of the month in Venice, CA! what?! i dunno, but it's sick. he's going out there to skate and do whatever it is that art dudes do at those things....they don't hang the way we do out east though homie. so don't go freakin them out. those dudes are a lil more sensitive and white washed than our crew is...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Damn it!! missed the "skate rock" show...'s as if i'm always a day late and a dollar short.
..found out about this event, which happened in December, through someone's Facebook page and now have questionable (more) thoughts about that person. apparently a company called Kickboard Kouture, major MAJOR supporters of skateboarding, put on a "Skate Rock" show at Woodward Park (R.I.P). they combined all of their market studies, research and skateboarding backgrounds and decided what they had was golden. a "let's do this" moment if you will....
...straight up in your face aggression, attitude and style from The Coeds!!!
....throw in the smooth beats and lyrical flow of Dipshit Dolittle....performing with a LIVE band...ssooo sick!
...and the ripping styles of that rollerblader kid and this early grabbing doofus. and what you have just witnessed was a skateboarding game changer. a swagger-ific example of reppin yer spot, hollerin at cha's and you know how we do's up in the northern suburbs of a city that so many people refer to as new, vibrant, fresh, artistic and is making a mark on the american culture front.
...i can't stand the fact that any skatepark closes, but if your park is hosting this bullshit and you still wonder why you can't get respect and for the big dudes to roll should hit up Kickboard Kouture. they got a skate brand to sell ya!


...i've been asking these dudes for a flyer of their video premiere night for a month now. nothing. then they sent me to this tumblr thing and now i see why there are no flyers....burnouts....these dudes are doing a vid. Austin Sneed films. his friends rip. Ben Hayes is for sure gonna burn that mother down. support the local kids!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

J Mascis...

...should be one of the best shows of the year. so good, that i'm even trying to get it together and go. if you live anywhere near East Atlanta, you should have no reason to not be there. this is his new stuff at the bottom somewhere. viva la dinosaur jr!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bender dudes....Scott Mckenzie! of the truest, smooth and realest styles I've ever seen. friends for years. without him i'd be a worse off man. he moved to N.J. for awhile. came back married, a kid and a real job. life happens more often than skating. see him on the weekends though. it's like like time froze 10 years ago. love this dude.
....he does these rad "robots" on a basic computer graphic program. this one is my fav. "Jets To Brazil" song. so sick. he's got tons of these.

....made a homie vid of his friends skating around.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bender dudes........Santi!

....everyone's favorite skater. if he's not yours, you haven't been paying attention.
....the first time i remember seeing him he was a small boy doing a boneless down the Big 4. couple years later him and his buds brought in a sponsor me vid to Ruin. i loved his stuff. chaotic, no structure, fast, reckless and no "popular" tricks. stoked. 100% unique. that was about 6 years ago.

...he's had knee problems with us, been broke with us, became a U.S. citizen with us, graduated school with an art degree with us, held many jobs with us, limped with us, lived with us, raised Farkus (his maniacal dog), rode bikes with us, skated with us, chilled with us and lost his mind for a bit with us. he's been down with us and we'll all have his back por vida. Thanks for the motivation Santi!

...this art piece is hanging front and center above Table 1 at El Myr...his first commissioned art piece since graduating a couple months ago...Santi amazes constantly.