Thursday, October 13, 2011

David Clark!!!

1st dude on. 1st dudes "ad". I asked Morico for some fotos of the dudes. Only one David flick. But with that dude, one's all you need. He's the epitome of the quote on the bottom. "it's not what you do, but how you do it". It's just a rock bounce. But it's the kinda style that makes you go, "huh, i wanna go bounce of some rocks too!"

Back in 1991, pressure flips were the trick of the year. Skaters tried 'em everywhere. Shit flippin and bouncing off the ground. I did one over the 3-way hip in Marietta when I skated around Atlanta for the first time. Funny I live 10 minutes from that spot, 20 years later. As you could tell in the style of the foto, the qoute I used for David hasn't always been the norm.

Ad idea. Babb. Gary Hart made it awesomer looking.

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  1. Rad ad-funny how as i get older i tend to skate the stuff i started skating on i.g. rocks, railroad ties, curbs, edges on your driveway, etc. Kill myself skating a 1' ledge nowadays than a ramp. Keep on. Love the mix in the previous post. Keep on.