Monday, October 3, 2011

Bender Dudes!!! That Damn Stormy Pruett!

...It's just raw fuckin desire, motivation and power when Stormy skates. He'll sit there and joke and laugh all day, but when something clicks and he wants to do something a completely different person arises. I've been hanging with this dude for the last 14 years of my life and through listening and watching him do the skateboard...I've learned, among thousands of other things, that you can sit there for an hour and a half and watch someone get as close as they can only to bail or slam. But it's always in the eyes. You look at someone who's really going for it and watch their eyes. You'll know before they pop if they have it or not. He tuned me into that. And since then I've noticed that no one. No one has ever had gnarlier eyes while skating than Stormy. The epitome of a "Lifer". He lives and breathes skateboarding and has for over 25 years....My brother. My friend. The Drizzle....Stormy Pruett!

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