Sunday, July 3, 2011

hang up or revert.....

...we're getting to the point in skateboarding that it's ridiculous. sure a million dollars to win a contest is rad. it's amazing. but you're gonna have to come to some terms with yourself and your love. you aren't going to be that dude. you aren't some contest monkey born and raised on skating. you found this when you were about 13 and gave it your all.
...of course, you should have been compensated for your time, dedication and support of this thing called skateboarding. but you were not. life caught up. college loans had to be re-paid, that rent is ALWAYS due and Ramen Noodles for dinner ended up sucking, somewhere along the road. we are here. they build big bowls for us to skate, yet most have never dropped in on vert, much less able to rip 7' concrete walls. a backyard mini was super rare and amazing to find, but that middle class family down the road could only afford a 4'er.
...there are millions of us out there struggling to find refuge in slashing some pool coping and falling into the traps of trends in skateboarding today. yet we always go home longing for something more. surely we aren't jumping down rails and 10 stairs as in days of yester year. what is it that we are looking for. this post is for the dudes that worshipped Hensley, Natas, and Dressen. and wished we could skate tranny like Gonzales or J.Lee in the Blind "Video Days". our days are gone. gone. you're probably better off at the bar talking shit to the new kids.......
...however. if you could consider the fact that "street" skating still isn't as marketable as "they" want it to be. you can go look for curbs, curb cuts, hips, bumps, and manual pads tomorrow and ride them alone. and wait for that security guard to kick yer old ass out. and drive off laughing. and pulling into the next shopping plaza. and know that you reverted and didn't hang up your dream. you are here rolling and feeling it. you are skateboarding. padless and alone. most likely the same way you started 20 years ago.'s to you!'s to us!
...these are the days, they always have been!


  1. Ramen never hurt nobody.
    Here's some more old man skating and randoms. You gonna post more often or what?! Good job

  2. Too true. But, I'm back on my board again and I do go to the skateparks to roll around. I still do it for the same reason as always, to have fun. Plus my 7 year old loves it too.