Friday, July 8, 2011

The Cube. favorite all time company. been a fan since i was a child. Alan and Karma. legends for my small town style. cruising my road, building slider bars and wedge ramps. street cones, dad's coolers, lawn chairs, etc....i threw it out in the driveway every day after school. had a wiped out 4' in the backyard. warped plywood and all. duct tape and street signs covered the holes until i could save half to re-ply it. when i first started seeing ads for Consolidated, you could write in, send a dollar for some stickers and even order the Daredevil wheels through the mail. saved the lunch money for a couple weeks to get them. i used to get handwritten letters from Birdo and Moish thanking me for supporting their gig. found some of their vids and also found a new religion. "this is what i am and how i feel too!", i remember. these guys started out with money from their back pocket and have survived for a long, long time. staying true to who they are, the love of skating and unshakeable beliefs. the absolute best. Consolidated Skateboards.

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