Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Santi.......dead last!

..Damn Am crap happened last weekend. Plunkett did pretty good I heard. Tried to watch some of the footy, but i dunno....children flipping and spinning onto handrails robot style? ehh. Cool these things happen, I'd rather watch the Pro-Tec Pool Party. (which is this Sat!)...back to the subject.
...That one really awesome skater Ishod won. A whole mess of other randoms filled in some blanks, but our boy Santi did it. Last! Most would be bummed. Our group has always cheered for last. Think. You were the worst of the worst. You went and tried and did so terrible that people who call themselves judges looked past your name from 2nd place all the way to the 98th place. and when they thought they were done....Oh wait. Look. There's one more name on the list. He gets last place.
....While people practice, train and focus on these structured contests hoping it will further their skate "career". It's always nice to see the true street ripper come in with no idea of the set up. Take the runs. Walk out feeling stoked to just be a part of the scene and discuss the street spots they're going to tomorrow.
...Someone had to get last. I'm proud it was my friend and one of my favorite skaters....Santi!

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