Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bender dudes........Santi!

....everyone's favorite skater. if he's not yours, you haven't been paying attention.
....the first time i remember seeing him he was a small boy doing a boneless down the Big 4. couple years later him and his buds brought in a sponsor me vid to Ruin. i loved his stuff. chaotic, no structure, fast, reckless and no "popular" tricks. stoked. 100% unique. that was about 6 years ago.

...he's had knee problems with us, been broke with us, became a U.S. citizen with us, graduated school with an art degree with us, held many jobs with us, limped with us, lived with us, raised Farkus (his maniacal dog), rode bikes with us, skated with us, chilled with us and lost his mind for a bit with us. he's been down with us and we'll all have his back por vida. Thanks for the motivation Santi!

...this art piece is hanging front and center above Table 1 at El Myr...his first commissioned art piece since graduating a couple months ago...Santi amazes constantly.

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