Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bender Dudes......Chris Burns

...if Richard Angelides and this dude had a baby, it would probably be Burner. no bullshit goin on with this dude. doesn't care about much besides skating, homies and getting that rent paid. one of the younger dudes who does it cause he loves it. no gymnast landings, sponsor hunting fiend, or wannabe trendster. he'll shred, laugh, buy some beer and will shoot empty beer cans with a BB Gun that are hanging from a tree until the sun comes up with you....and that's the first day you meet him. they don't make 'em like this anymore.
nollie bigspin lip, spinning in front of you......think about it...
spot hunter. 5-0 180 in some dirty sketchy downtown garage...
switch fuckin blast!!! not many people rolled away from this gap when it was around. tall and far. heel bruises were the daily special. Burner. cleared it by a mile..
sickest fakie ollie. straight float. 4 years ago this guy could barely drop in....

...him and his friends made a video of them skating in atlanta a few years ago. they DIY'd everything and only a few dozen copies were made. everyone i've talked to who has seen it says it is by far the best vid to come out of Atlanta in years. Hi-8. no generators. filmed each other. stenciled discs and late night street skating in Atlanta......i'm trying to get that on the internet somehow.

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